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    League Issues Survey

    The LWVAAC Board is weighing a proposal to create League Issue-Focused Teams (LIFTs) and we need your input.

    As proposed, each LIFT will function independently. The LIFT may choose to research, observe, report, educate and advocate on their chosen topic, consistent with League principles, policies and positions. Team members may take a specific role, e.g. observer, or may share or rotate responsibilities. LIFTs may also propose that LWVAAC adopt a study related to their issue, or an update to an existing position.

    Teams will meet regularly; in-person gatherings will be encouraged when feasible. Each team will have a leader, who will be responsible for organizing and moderating the meetings, and a liaison from the LWVAAC Board, who may or may not also be the leader.

    Please email questions, comments or concerns to Amanda SubbaRao, [email protected]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Which, if any, of the following League priorities is of particular interest?

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