Voting in Maryland Fall 2020

September 10, 2020  Guidance from the LWVMD Voter Service Chair, Barbara Crain


You should already have received your application for a mail-in/absentee ballot, and you may have returned it already. As explained in the mailing, you can complete and return the paper application or submit your request online at the State Board of Elections website.  Apply promptly - delays could mean that your ballot would not be included in the first batches mailed out.

If you have not received your ballot application, you should check your voter registration status. You can do this online at the voter lookup site on the State Board of Elections website. If you do not have computer access, you may call your local Board of Elections. You can update your registration online or by downloading and completing a voter registration application, which is available on that same page on the State Board of Elections website.

Prepare to vote by learning about the candidates and ballot questions. VOTE411 will go "live" with candidate responses on September 19. Voters' Guides for each county will be posted on the LWVMD website by October 1. Help others to learn about the candidates and issues - share these websites with friends and neighbors.

Remember that you can return your ballot:
    1) using the postage paid envelope that will be included with your ballot
    2) placing it in a ballot drop box - a list of locations will be included with your ballot
    3) taking it to a voting center during Early Voting or on Election Day.


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