Ballot Initiative Study

Should Maryland allow the use of citizen ballot initiatives?  Please join LWVAAC for a consensus discussion.


In 2019, delegates to the LWVMD Convention voted to study the initiative and referendum (I&R) process. The purpose of this study was to help League members determine whether LWVMD should adopt a position for Maryland regarding citizen initiatives. The study committee examined how initiatives and referendums have been used in other states, the features commonly found in them, and the advantages and disadvantages of the approach. Approximately half the states allow at least one of these ballot processes. Maryland currently permits only referendums. As a result, most of the study focuses on the other process, known as initiatives.

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Ballot Initiative Study fact sheet and consensus questions

Ballot Initiative Study presentation slides 

LWVMD Winter Workshop recording

March 13, 2021 at 2:00pm - 4pm
Marg Duffy ·

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