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    Sunday Symposium V: Affordable Housing

    LWVAAC continues its Sunday Symposium series on SundayMarch 3, 2024 with a virtual discussion of current affordable housing policy and programs in Anne Arundel County.  

    Housing is the basis of stability for an individual or family. A stable home provides a sanctuary—a place to live in peace, security, and dignity. When housing costs more than 30 percent of a household's income, it is no longer considered affordable because too little income remains for other necessities like food, transportation, and health care. Residents of Anne Arundel County have differing income levels. Does the housing inventory meet their needs?

    Please join our discussion with Erin Karpewicz, CEO of Arundel Community Development Services (ACDS) who will speak about:

    • How ACDS develops affordable, accessible housing for low to moderate income families, senior citizens and families and individuals with special needs.
    • What ACDS has achieved.
    • Current and past legislation that impacts affordable housing.
    • The future of affordable housing in the county.

    There will be time for Q&A and the opportunity to share your own concerns and questions about affordable housing. We'll conclude by evaluating whether the League has a position that addresses the issues and supports our goals. [Click here to review the current LWVAAC affordable housing position.]

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    As explained on p. 5 of our December 2023 newsletter, each session in LWVAAC's 2024 Sunday Symposium series will focus on one of LWVAAC's public policy positions. The meetings are open to all LWVAAC members. They will be held every other week beginning January 7 via Zoom. The meeting schedule appears below; dates and times may change depending on speaker availability. Please watch your email and League in Action for more information.




    January 7, 2 p.m.

    Planning & Zoning

    Matt Minahan, Chair, Growth Action Network

    January 21, 2 p.m.

    Waste Management

    Rich Bowen, Manager, AA County Recycling and Waste Reduction Division

    February 4, 2 p.m.


    Laura Gutierrez, Chair, AA County Immigrant Affairs Commission, and Alison Flores, Director, AA County Hispanic/Latino and Multicultural Resources Office

    Thurs, Feb. 22, 5 p.m.


    Samuel Snead, Director, AA County Department of Transportation

    March 3, 2 p.m.

    Affordable Housing

    Erin Karpewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Arundel Community Development Services

    April 7, 2 p.m.


    Members will discuss existing LWVAAC policy positions and suggest areas for study or action 


    March 03, 2024 at 2:00pm
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    League Issues Survey

    The LWVAAC Board is weighing a proposal to create League Issue-Focused Teams (LIFTs) and we need your input.

    As proposed, each LIFT will function independently. The LIFT may choose to research, observe, report, educate and advocate on their chosen topic, consistent with League principles, policies and positions. Team members may take a specific role, e.g. observer, or may share or rotate responsibilities. LIFTs may also propose that LWVAAC adopt a study related to their issue, or an update to an existing position.

    Teams will meet regularly; in-person gatherings will be encouraged when feasible. Each team will have a leader, who will be responsible for organizing and moderating the meetings, and a liaison from the LWVAAC Board, who may or may not also be the leader.

    Please email questions, comments or concerns to Amanda SubbaRao, [email protected]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Which, if any, of the following League priorities is of particular interest?

    Become a volunteer

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    Q: Please indicate your lunch option below.
    A: Mediterranean Veg Sandwich

    Retreat Lunch Selection

    If you wish to reserve a Panera Box lunch, please respond to this survey by June 10th, or email [email protected] with your selection.

    We suggest a $10 voluntary contribution at the retreat for box lunches. For drinks, BYOB (non-alcoholic only, per park regulations).

    Panera Box Lunch Options:

    Style Option Includes
    Sandwich Box Mediterranean Veggie Full sandwich, chips, pickle spear, cookie
    Sandwich Box BBQ Chicken Full sandwich, chips, pickle spear, cookie
    Sandwich Box Turkey Full sandwich, chips, pickle spear, cookie
    Salad Box   Caesar  (specify with or without chicken) Full salad, piece of baguette, cookie
    Salad Box Greek Full salad, piece of baguette, cookie
    Salad Box Seasonal Greens Full salad, piece of baguette, cookie

    Questions? Email [email protected].

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