Q&A with Matt Johnston, Anne Arundel County Environmental Policy Director

Matt Johnston, former AA County Director of Environmental Policy

In 2019, Matt Johnston was appointed as the first Director of Environmental Policy for Anne Arundel County. This past February, Johnston spoke with LWVAAC’s Programming Director Marguerite Duffy about his experience and the challenges of a changing climate. Excerpts of their conversation appear below. The full interview may be found beginning on p. 7 of the March 2022 issue of LWVAAC's newsletter, The Voter.

Johnston was the lead presenter for LWVAAC's April 21, 2022 Earth Day commemoration, Environmental Challenges and Solutions in Anne Arundel County. In April 2022, he left his position in County government to become Executive Director of the Arundel Rivers Federation.


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Becoming an Election Judge Has Its Rewards

By Vera Herath, LWVAAC Voter Services co-chair and Board directorVera Herath, LWVAAC Voter Services co-chair

What’s an Election Judge? Well, I’m happy to tell you because I’ve been an Election Judge for nearly 10 years and truly enjoy doing my part to help people vote.

Election Judges are the friendly, helpful people you see working at your polling place when you vote in person. They ensure that qualified registered voters cast their votes privately, safely, and securely. They check in voters and issue Voter Authority Cards and ballots. They guide voters to the voting booths and answer any questions about filling in the ballot. They also help voters scan their ballots so that they are tabulated and counted. Election Judges help provisional voters when necessary. Finally, they have the pleasure of giving each voter a coveted “I voted” sticker to wear proudly.

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