LWVAAC Nonpartisan Policy

Each year, the LWVAAC Board of Directors reviews, revises when appropriate, and reaffirms the League's nonpartisan policy. The following was unanimously adopted on May 10, 2022.

The League of Women Voters of Anne Arundel County is a nonpartisan organization.

The League takes positions on issues but does not support or oppose political candidates or parties.

Members may participate in the political party of their choice as long as the individual does not represent the League publicly, as President or spokesperson. 

The President of the League should not display publicly his/her party affiliation.

In any voter service activity or candidate forum, the League members involved may not indicate their party affiliation by what they say or by any insignia.

Serving as a campaign manager or treasurer for a political party or hosting a fundraiser for a candidate should not be done by a member of the Board or any highly visible representative of the League.


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