Affordable Housing

Action to secure affordable housing for low and very low income residents and special populations in Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis. ⓘ 

Support for:

  1. rehabilitation of the existing housing supply to maintain the stock of affordable housing;
  2. meeting the housing and human service needs of special populations including, but not limited to the homeless;
  3. increasing opportunities for people of low or moderate income;
  4. ensuring an adequate stock of subsidized housing, and rental assistance and services to low and very low income persons.

2021 Report of the LWVAAC Study Group on Affordable Housing 

Information & Resources:

Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County

The Commission is dedicated to strengthening communities and improving the lives of Anne Arundel County citizens focusing on the ownership, management, sustainability and preservation of affordable housing. 

AAC Subdivision Activity and Commercial Site Plan Viewer

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