Voting in the 2024 MD Primary Election

Voting by Mail in 2024

Citizens seeking to vote by mail MUST REQUEST a mail-in ballot.

  • To apply for a mail-in ballot, go online to, text VBM to 77788, or apply in person at the Anne Arundel County Board of Elections, 6740 Baymeadow Drive, Glen Burnie, MD.  Call 410-222-6600 for assistance.
  • The Board of Elections must receive the application for a mail-in ballot by May 7 to vote by mail in the 2024 Primary Election. See below for complete instructions.  
  • Track the status of your ballot here:
  • Mail-in ballots must be postmarked or placed in a designated ballot drop box by 8 pm on May 14.

 2024 Presidential Primary Election Dates

Register to vote, update registration or change party affiliation online, by mail or in person: Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Early Voting: Thursday, May 2 through Thursday, May 9, 2024 from 7am-8pm

Election Day:   Tuesday, May 14, 2024 from 7am-8pm

Register to vote or update registration at designated polling place: Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Registering to Vote

To register to vote, you must be: You cannot have been:

A U.S. citizen;

Convicted of buying or selling votes;

A Maryland resident; and

Under guardianship for mental disability and found by a court to be unable to communicate a desire to vote; or

At least 16 years old.*

Convicted of a felony and currently serving a court-ordered sentence of imprisonment. 

*You may register to vote if you are at least 16 years old but cannot vote in the primary election unless you will be at least 18 years old by the next general election.

How to register: You may register to vote, update your registration and/or change your party affiliation online, or in person at any of the following:

Registration deadlines: Registration officially closes 21 days before an election. For the 2024 Primary Election, this deadline is Tuesday, April 23.

Same day registration: Maryland law allows residents to register to vote and/or update their address in person at early voting sites and at their voting precinct on election day. Party affiliation may not be changed. Bring a document that proves where you live, such as your MVA-issued license, ID card, or change of address card, or your paycheck, bank statement, utility bill, or other government document with your name and new address.

How to Request Your Mail-In Ballot

In January 2024, the state Board of Elections sent a Mail-in Ballot Request Form to all eligible registered voters in Maryland. This form may be used to request mail-in ballots for the 2024 Primary and General Elections as well as to register to receive mail-in ballots for all future federal and state elections.

If you didn't receive the form and wish to vote by mail in the 2024 primary election, first check to make sure your voter registration information is correct here:

Then request a mail-in ballot (previously called an "absentee ballot") using one of these options:

  • Request your ballot online now.
    • This will require a Maryland driver’s license or state ID. 
  • Download and print a ballot request form. English | Español 
    • Fill it out and mail it now. You will need your own envelope and stamp.
  • If you are an active registered voter, the Board of Elections will send you a ballot request form via U.S. Mail.
    • To expedite receipt of your ballot, complete and return the request form as soon as it arrives.
    • This request form will come with a postage-paid envelope.

The Board of Elections recommends that you receive your ballot by U.S. mail unless it is not practical or possible for you to use that option.

How to Complete & Return Your Mail-In Ballot

  • Ballots will be mailed with instructions for marking and returning them to the Board of Elections.
    • Follow the instructions carefully. You must sign an oath that accompanies the ballot. Failure to complete the return envelope correctly may result in your ballot not being counted. 
  • Mailed ballots must be postmarked no later than May 14 in order to be counted.  Voters are encouraged to return ballots early when possible.  
    • The Board of Elections website includes a form where you can check to see if your ballot was received.
  • Instead of returning your ballot by U.S. Mail, you may put it in one of the secure drop boxes provided by the Board of Elections.  Your ballot must be returned to a drop box by 8:00 pm on May 14 to be counted.

Protect your ballot.  Be wary of anyone who offers to collect ballots.  Be sure that your ballot is sealed in its envelope and put it directly in the U.S. Mail or a Board of Elections drop box.

In-Person Voting at Vote Centers

Early Voting: Thursday, May 2 through Thursday, May 9 from 7 am-8 pm

  • Avoid the rush – vote early!
  • You may cast your official ballot at any Anne Arundel early voting site.
  • New voter registration will be available at all voting sites. 
  • All early voting centers in Maryland are accessible to voters with disabilities.

Primary Election Day Voting: Tuesday, May 14 from 7 am to 8 pm

  • On election day, you must vote at your assigned polling place
  • The sample ballot you receive from the Board of Elections will list your assigned polling place. 
  • The complete 2024 polling place list by precinct may be found here.
  • All election day polling places are open continuously from 7 am until 8 pm on May 14. Anyone in line at 8 pm will be allowed to vote.
  • New voter registration will be available at all voting sites.


Visit the County Board of Elections website for answers and assistance.

Visit VOTE411 for Information on the Candidates, Issues and Ballot Questions

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