Planning and Zoning

Endorsement of the concept of controlled growth and encouragement of strong enforcement of existing land use controls (zoning, and storm water and sediment controls) and adoption of new regulations to support the concept. 

The League supports the following goals in accordance with this position.

  1. Promote and pursue balanced development in appropriate target areas that will have minimum impact on the environment and maximum long-term benefit to employment and the tax base including provision of opportunity for affordable housing and a variety of commercial activities in established commercial areas and discouragement of strip development.
  2. Enforce the County implementation of the critical area laws and ensure their adequacy.
  3. Enforce more strongly the adequate public facilities ordinances, including those regarding water and sewer systems, waste water treatment plants, roads, and public transportation.
  4. Reduce air, water, and noise pollution.
  5. Expand and strengthen watershed management with storm water and sediment controls, using stronger enforcement of regulations and citizen participation, e.g. as monitors.
  6. Maintain the integrity of rural residential and established farming areas by expanding the agricultural preservation program.
  7. Expand programs that support carpools, vanpools, and all forms of public transportation.
Information & Resources:

September 2023 LWVAAC Voter article on Plan2040

Office of Planning and Zoning

Our mission is to plan the overall physical development and growth of the County, update and enforce the zoning code, and administer the subdivision and development regulations.

AAC Land Use Information

Explore County data related to land use.

Zoning and Land Use Viewer

Explore County data related to planning and zoning.


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